My biggest fear is that one day I will wake up and you won’t.

Yay. So whose this cute girl you kissed?

Now I know who you are. This isn’t fun anymore you meanie :(

If you dont wanna talk its fine...

No no we can talk

We don't talk much anymore:( so i figured if I was on anon you might answer my messages...

Oh.. Well…

Im ok, whats got you so happy kind person?

I’m just feeling a lot better these days. Letting go of bad things, doing things that make me happy, not over thinking everything. AND I KISSED A CUTE GIRL. CUTE GIRLS MAKE ME REALLY HAPPY. I just feel really good. Why just okay?

How are you tonight?

I am really really good. How are you?

I kinda just want to kiss your forehead and make you moan. A lot.

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